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Welcome to BEHIND. We are an intimate 1 Michelin star fish-focused tasting menu restaurant run by chef Andy Beynon. Situated on the edge of London Fields, Hackney, BEHIND has 18 kitchen-table seats for lunch and dinner sittings, as well as a relaxed wine bar. 

BEHIND is Andy Beynon’s first restaurant, opened in October 2020. After just 20 days’ trading it was awarded its first Michelin Star. Andy spent 15 years working in some of the best Michelin star restaurants in the country, including with chefs Claude Bosi, Phil Howard and Michael Wignall. 

The restaurant offers one dinner and one lunch sitting, with all guests served their food at the same time. Diners have full view of the kitchen and are fully immersed in the dining experience. BEHIND offers diners a chance to see ‘behind the scenes’ in to the kitchen, with all courses served to them by the Chefs. The menu is fish-focussed, seasonal, and utilising the best of British produce. Wine pairings range from classic Chablis to new world Grenache. 


“I’ve watched the East London food scene develop over the past few years, and I’m excited to now be able to bring my classical training to the neighbourhood I live in. For me, the service is as much a part of the meal as the food itself, which is why the entire menu will be served by us, the chefs. This is the chance for our diners to get a look "behind" the scenes of a busy kitchen.”

Andy Beynon.

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